Traveling band screens

Traveling band screens GRF / GRF-A type.

Perrier Sorem gravity filters are designed to protect downstream hydraulic equipments such as river or sea water pumping stations. These filters are used to efficiently respond to the difficult operating conditions found in industry or in power stations.

When the filtering band is clogged, a pressure drop detector integrated into the filter triggers the rotation of the filter as well as the counter-current washing system. The waste is then evacuated by a washed-water collector. The pressure drops then decreases to its initial value.

Perrier Sorem gravity filters are available in 304L, 316L or duplex stainless steel and can be optionally fitted with electrical control cabinet, pressure drop detector and cathodic protection.

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Perrier Sorem traveling band screens have a classic profile with parallel faces or in a “pear” shape without a frame, which makes it possible not to exceed the admissible values of the output speeds, without unnecessarily increasing the height of the wire rake. All the constituent elements have been studied and dimensioned in such a way as to allow occasional overloads without disturbing operation.

The filtering band is made of a set of filtering frames, fixed on two endless chains, placed on each side and resting on two gears mounted on a drive shaft. The chain links are fitted with rollers which run on bearings sets fixed to the frame.

The chains links are fitted with rollers which roll on tracks fixed to the frame.

Traveling band screens

Technical data







Type of filter Traveling band screen Traveling band screen
Filtration direction Exterior to interior or perpendicular to the current Exterior to interior or perpendicular to the current
Waste lift speed 0,15 m/s de 0,1 à 0,2 m/s
Waste washing system By nozzle ramp By nozzle ramp
Position of the discharge chute Outside the filter Outside the filter
Sealing between the filter belt and the frame Slippery seals on friction plates Slippery seals on friction plates
Gear motor power from 0,37 to 7,5 kW from 2 to 15 kW
Filter drive mode Direct shaft drive Direct shaft drive
Filtration mesh (min / max) 0,5×0,5 / 10×10 mm 0,5×0,5 / 10×10 mm
Usable filtration length (min / max) 400 / 1800 mm 1800 / 3000 mm
Maximum filtration flow 30000 m3/h 70000 m3/h
Minimum hopper width 1210 mm 1700 mm
Minimum hopper length 775 mm 2240 mm
Minimum pit width 2700 mm 3500 mm
Minimum pit length At least equal to the length of the hopper At least equal to the length of the hopper
Minimum pit depth 1700 mm 2900 mm
Electrical connection on terminal block on terminal block
Construction material 304L stainless steel 304L stainless steel
Options Electrical control box, specific motor, construction materials, level detection and differential measurement, etc.
Traveling band screens


The filter band clogs as the retained waste builds up, creating an increase in pressure drop. This is controlled by a pressure drop detector associated with the rotating grid.

When the pressure drop reaches a preselected and adjustable value, the grid gear motor is energized.

It rotates the filter and the washing system opens, triggering the backwashing of the filter elements.

The water, thus loaded with impurities, is discharged into the chute.

The pressure drop then decreases to its initial value, which corresponds to obtaining a clean filter band.

Traveling band screens


Perrier Sorem GRFs are available in 2 versions:

  • Double flow : filtration is carried out from the outside to the inside.
  • Single flow : the filter element is perpendicular to the stream.
Traveling band screens

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