Arm trash screens


The upward movement of the screen, the wide kinematics associated with the motorization of the arm and the possible articulation of the rake, give the Perrier Sorem arm trash screens an incomparable power of lifting of floating waste in front of the screen field.

The availability of fixed or mobile versions with or without translation allow adaptation to existing screens regardless of their inclination.

Depending on the type of tool placed at the end of the arm, our equipment responds efficiently to skimming, sediment cleaning or lifting of stoplogs or screen or handling of large trunks.

Arm trash screens

Technical data

With telescopic arm Model AMBO
Capacity upto 2000 kgf
With articulated arm Model AMBA
Capacity upto 500 kgf
With combined arm Model AMBOA
Capacity upto 3000 kgf
Bare spacing from 30 to 200 mm
Applications Energy, Irrigation and Industry
Type of waste Wood, algae, etc.
Arm trash screens

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