Cables grapple screens


The downward grapple screen allows the rake to penetrate compact masses of waste, to seize them using the forced closing of the hydraulic cylinder or using the amplification by lifting cables and to efficiently bring the waste back onto the platform.

The grapple stops, closes and rises either when it reaches the bottom of the screen, or when it is full or finally when it encounters too bulky waste.

On standard models, various modules and accessories can be added according to site requirements: forestry cranes, waste transport container, control cabin, etc.

Cables grapple screens

Technical data

With hydraulic unit AMGH Model
With power station AMGE Model
Capacity up to 20 tons
Grapple opening Different opening dimensions : 700, 1050, 1250 mm
Wire rack inclined
Suspended version possible
Spacing bare from 30 to 200 mm
Applications Piping, Irrigation, Energy, Industry
Type of waste Wood, Algae
Cables grapple screens

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