Cable rake screens

Cable rake screens type S1C / S2C / S3C / GDMH

The SXC Perrier Sorem screen technology, which combines an alternating cable drive and an upstream screening up, is perfectly suited to the most difficult applications in the field of potable, waste or rain waters treatment.

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On potable water or waste water pumping stations, the screen clogging is often generated by the deposition of a multitude of fairly fine waste with generally few floating.

Thus, the Perrier Sorem rake screen technique, which combines a cable drive and a frontline upstream screening, is perfectly suited to the most difficult applications in the field of potable water, waste water or rain water treatment.

In order to offer our customers an optimal screening capacity and adapted to the different quantities and sizes of waste encountered, our range, up to 3 cables, offers a wide choice of size of rake opening and bar spacing.

Cable rake screens

SXC Range

Model S1C Model S2C Model S3C Model GDMH
Type of screen upright
Screening mode upwards upwards upwards downwards
Waste gripping system rake rake rake grapple
Rake/grapple guidance on frame 1 cable 2 cable 2 cable
Rake/grapple opening 1 cable 1 cable 1 cable 1 hydraulic cylinder
Cables number 1 2 3 2
Mechanical ejection of waste downstream
Rake/grapple closing location to the raft to the raft anywhere on the grid anywhere on the grid
Channel width min/max 0,5 / 1,5 m 0,8 / 1,5 m 0,8 / 3 m 2 / 4 m
Channel depth min/max 1,3 / 15 m 1 / 12 m 1 / 18 m 8 / 30 m
Water speed min/max 0,35 / 1,2 m/s 0,35 / 1,2 m/s 0,35 / 1,2 m/s 0,35 / 1,2 m/s
Screening force (kg/linear meter) 150 kg 100 kg/ml 150 kg 1000 kg/ml
Grid tilt up to 10° jusque 15°
Rake opening in front of the grid 350 mm 320 mm from 320 to 1000 mm 800 mm
Bare spacing min/max 10 / 80 mm 10 / 80 mm 6 / 100 mm 30 / 150 mm
Grid height On demand, depending on the height of water
Ascent / descent speed 0,15 m/s 0,15 m/s 0,17 m/s 0,15 m/s
Power 0,34|0,75 kW 0,75|1,1 kW 1,1|2,2 kW 4 kW
Electrical connection On terminal block
Construction materials (others on request) 304L stainless steel 304L stainless steel 304L stainless steel Steel (stainless steel rake)
Options CE protection, electrical control box, specific motors, level detection and differential measurement, etc.
Cable rake screens



  • Space savings: The cable does not wind on itself, unlike the straps,
  • Balance : No accumulation of waste on the cables avoiding unbalancing the rake,
  • Reliability: if a cable were to drop the rake would be held by the other cables,
  • Robustness : 304L or 316L stainless steel cables (no risk of corrosion or early wear),
  • Efficiency: Large lifting and removal capacity in a single pass,
  • Precision : The hydraulic unit controlling the central cable allows the rake to be opened and closed at any point on the screen.
Cable rake screens

Product focus : S3C

It is the ideal screen for small and medium-sized wastewater treatment plants and small pumping stations (waste water or clean water).

The S3C screen operates on the principle of upstream screening . Its operation is fully automatic and no mechanical part remains permanently in the water.

Installed vertically, its installation is particularly simple. The screen can be installed in the channel in two different ways: either it is fixed on either side of the channel between two sets of angles (one upstream and one downstream), these being fixed to the civil engineering, or it is directly slipped then sealed in the civil engineering (in which a reservation will be made beforehand).

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Cable rake screens

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